I’m sorry you’ve been called a female copy of anyone. Skipping over the misogyny, the idea that anyone could be a copy of someone else explains our disfunction. You can’t be good to another if you can’t see them as a unique creation, made of flesh, blood, and memories. An independent soul, separate from the billions we share this planet with, with their own stories of struggle and survival written by this thing called life.

I’m also on the spectrum, diagnosed late in life because my diagnosis didn’t exist until I was in college. I’ve clawed my way through trauma…

Thanks for sharing an approach I have a personal and positive experience of. Some years back I managed an event marketing team. I had 2 full-time staff members and about 10 part-time. Since event marketing means all work happens off-site, my team only came to the office once a week for a team meeting. Some events were staffed individually, but most were staffed by two. This meant a couple of things. I needed employees I could trust to do their jobs when no one was looking and I needed a team compatible enough to work with each other interchangeably.


When ever I imagine Peter Thiel, I immediately see an image of Dr. Claw from Inspector Gadget. He's sitting in his bunker lair, somewhere in New Zealand, while stroking a cat with his mechanical arm.

I look at the thumbnail photo used for our announcement post in Medium. Seven of Neon District’s brooding and capable characters gaze out from over the city scape. In my asset folder I’ve nicknamed this one, “The A-Team.” If I was ever stuck in a misty, cyberpunk dystopia, I’d want these guys to have my back.

It’s been a little over 3 months since Marguerite, Ben, and I scrambled to get our whitepaper together. There it was, proof that this little gem of an idea had a real foundation to stand on. A declaration of creativity, complete with a rose-colored…

Courtney Brock

Compulsively Curious, Systems-Thinking, Opinion Giving, Armchair Philospiphizing, Small Business Advocate

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